Imagine just for a few seconds…

Photography credits: Roxana Todea

Just for a few seconds imagine you were born in extreme poverty. Then your life will follow the path described in this heart-breaking article by Valeriu Nicolae.

As a small kid your family will use you for begging. Then you will start working on the local garbage dump. Then you start stealing and getting into drug dealing and consumption. And if you survive your 18th birthday you have high chances to end up in jail.

In stark language Valeriu describes the fate of many unlucky children born to poor families who grow up to repeat the cycle: as adults they will use their children for begging, then for work in the informal recycling industry, then prostitution for the pretty girls and so on.
Read his article to take a glimpse at how your life could have been and understand that this cycle can be broken. Read it to see how you can contribute to break it. Take your own actions or join our efforts: we urge the governments from our region to learn from each other and work together to address the causes of these life tragedies.

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