Busy month for the Romanian child protection national coalition

Photography credits : Silviu Ghetie

Last month, The Romanian Federation of NGO’s for Children (FONPC) had three major events.

One of them, was the continuation of the National Platform for Education which is an initiative of the Romanian ChildPact member (FONPC), launched in 2012 with the technical support of UNICEF, of French Embassy and of World Vision Romania.

The platform was created to influence public policies, socio-educative programmes and projects in order to coordinate the actions and efforts of national entities in view of developing and promoting functional educational services. The objectives of the Platform are: (1) to disseminate sustainable and functional educational models by creating a map of services and programs offered by NGOs, national authorities, specialized care centers and other service providers for children; (2) to monitor children’s right to education by involving FONPC members. More information on this is available here.

Furthermore, on the occasion of the international children’s day, FONPC, in partnership with the French Embassy, has organised a special debate entitled “Our rights”. The discussions have been stimulated by the projection of a short documentary summarizing and comparing the degree of respect of child rights in Romania, Republic of Moldavia, Bulgaria and France.

Finally, FONPC has organised a special consultation regarding the development of the national strategy for the child protection system’s reform for 2014-2020. More than 60 NGOs have attended the consultation that took place at Sinaia.