Regional Cooperation in the Wider Black Sea Area – Why Successful Child Protection Demands a Regional Response

ChildPact believes that if employed correctly, regional cooperation can change the lives of millions of the most vulnerable children across the wider Black Sea area.

Because the combination of knowledge, resources, capacity and ambition necessary to significantly help the most vulnerable children in our region are not found within one state, a cooperative approach could change the story for our most cherished and yet most vulnerable citizens.

Strategic benefit can attained due to the following: (1) the very elements of regional cooperation, including reflection, dialogue and joint engagement are the elements necessary for innovation and complex problem solving; different sectors, actors, expertise and various levels of stakeholders coming together are necessary precursors to build solutions and avoid needless duplication of effort; (2) regional cooperation provides a platform to share scarce resources and for small states to access capacity and expertise unavailable at the local level; (3) together, there is a comparative advantage in pooling expertise and resources; the ability to create effective strategies to respond to region-wide issues that face children is an essential asset for impact; (4) regional cooperation offers an important pressure point, as focus on child protection can provide an outlet to encourage stagnant stakeholders so that together, the region can bring along “slower” reformers; (5) as a non-sensitive issue, regional cooperation on child protection can open the door to new relationships and trust between governments; opportunities to pursue peace and greater security in the region can start with children.

You can read the full brief here.