The regional cooperation mechanism for child protection promoted at the European Parliament

On June 26 2013, ChildPact’s Secretary General, Mirela Oprea, participated at the debate “Opportunities for Regional Cooperation at the Black Sea” organised by FOND Romania and hosted at the European Parliament by Romanian MEP Ioan Mircea Pascu.

Mirela Oprea showed that while Romania was an EU candidate, this country „faced a lot of EU scrutiny in relation to its child protection system. The European Parliament had an incredibly active Rapporteur who never tired to speak her mind when she thought Romania was not doing enough to protect its children. The European Parliament, as also the European Commission, was bold, innovative and outspoken and in the end the EU accession process significantly and positively impacted child protection reform in Romania. (…) Now there are other countries in the region which seek closer relations with the European Union and there are valuable lessons from the previous EU Enlargement that could apply to the current EU Neighbourhood today.”

Mirela presented ChildPact’s proposal for a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection to be built and she invited the participants to sign ChildPact’s petition for building such a mechanism. More on Mirela’s presentation is available here.