The BKTF Coalition helps to reform the Albanian National Child Protection System

Photography credits: Silviu Ghetie

During 2012, the Albanian BKTF Coalition – a national coalition of 28 national and international organizations in Albania – has closely worked with various national Albanian governmental bodies, at national and local level, in order to reinforce the national child protection system.

One of the BKTF’s priorities has been to contribute to the implementation of the National Action Plan against child trafficking. Therefore, in this perspective, the Albanian Coalition for child protection has contributed to drafting the following directives: (1)the bylaws for the Law no. 10347 “For the Protection of the Rights of the Child” as the Decision of the Council of Ministers no 265 on Establishment and functioning of coordination mechanism among the national responsible the referral of cases of children at risk and further proceedings mode; (2) the National Strategy for Anti Child Trafficking 2011-2013; (3) the approved Law no. 69/2012 on “Pre-University Education System”.

Furthermore, BKTF has published the Situation Analyses Report on Child Protection System in Albania and moreover, the coalition has presented the 2012 Alternative report on the implementation of CRC in Albania and has presented it at the hearing session in the UNCRC Committee in Geneva. On the advocacy line, BKTF has prepared several raising awareness campaigns against child begging, exploitation and trafficking and has published the “Report on Best Practices and Positive Models” to address Child Protection issues and to contribute for building a Child Protection System in Albania.