ChildPact Secretary General addresses the PABSEC General Assembly in Baku


ChildPact Secretary General spoke at the plenary of the 40th General Assembly of the BSEC Parliamentary Assembly.

After presenting ChildPact’s mission and vision, Mirela Oprea expressed ChildPact’s satisfaction toward PABSEC 127/2012 Recommendation on Child Protection in the BSEC Member States, but stressed the need for such documents to be implemented and made reality. The principle of regional cooperation in the field of child protection and the need for creating a funding instrument to support it are commendable, but only if they acquire implications beyond the discursive level.

ChildPact’s Secretary General urged the PABSEC members to support the efforts for strengthening the regional cooperation in the field of child protection.

More information about the 40th PABSEC General Assembly is available here.