PABSEC Recommendation discussed at the Black Sea NGO Forum

ChildPact hosted a special panel at the 2012 Black Sea NGO Forum to discuss the implementation of  the PABSEC Recommendation no. 127/2012, in particular the idea of creating a regional mechanism for cooperation in child protection and a funding instrument to support it.

BSEC’s Deputy Secretary General and four members of the BSEC Parliamentary Assembly participated, discussing the role of national parliaments, civil society and BSEC in improving children’s lives across the region.  The panel reached consensus on the need to strengthen regional cooperation in the field of child protection, based on the shared legacies from the past as well as current trends of child vulnerability.

Although numerous challenges can be expected, the panellists agreed to support ChildPact’s objective to advocate for regional cooperation in identifying solutions to common threats to children’s well-being. More information and a video from the event are available bellow.